About Us


We have been in the business of sweet production for 107 years as a family business. What started as a craft in Tanta 1913, launched to be one of the fast-growing companies in the Egyptian economy by launching our foundation Delta sweets later in 1992 and other companies to follow including other big names in the market such as Jammy Juice in 2006 and Andalusia in 2010, with all the warehouses supply chains and cargo fleet later on. With a fine blend of products, we have been always famous of having the unique perspective in creating recipes and brands in sweets field. We grew larger and better and aim to continue doing our best. Now by the dawn of 2020 we are so proud to restore our historical name once again by assessing our holding company “ElShanawany group” that will include all the companies under its umbrella

Over view:

one of the leading Sweets and food producers in Egypt with over sixty different types and brands of quality sweets, including a fine blind of traditional Egyptian sweets, Chocolate, Bon-bon, and Nougat. Our scope doesn’t focus only on domestic markets but, The Company also operates in the Middle East, North Africa, and South European countries.

Delta sweets have been established 29 years ago in 10th of Ramadan as to be a major player in the sweets and confectionery sector of the Egyptian market. Our traditional business model is based on both mixing, and recreation of old and traditional recipes of sweets to offer a unique blend of sweets that are to be called EGYPTIAN with minor influences of other types of traditional sweets. Based on the decision of the company to diversify; we have established new facilities sister companies to widen the scope and range of marker.